Tuesday Presenation

For anyone who’s interested in listing to me talk about Mother Goosed, the projects that lead up to it, and self publishing in general, I’m going to be giving at talk at the Kenosha Southwest library on Tuesday July 12th @ 6pm. It’s scheduled to run from 6pm to 7pm but we’ll see how long my material lasts.

Working a lot means that I’m spending the little time that I have sketching in the little black sketchbook that I carry around with me. The thing is falling apart and it tends to jab me in the ribs when I bend down to grab things off of the bottom shelves. For all of the discomfort it’s probably one of the more useful things that I to carry around. It contains writing, drawings, ideas, things that I have to do, and a bunch of oldĀ receiptsĀ from when I was at Parkside and carried the book around in my inner coat pocket.


I’m thinking that I need to study visual storytelling a bit, but not the part where people fight, or jump about as they talk. I want to study the quiet times in between, how the combination of pictures and words work when people are simply talking to each other. Sketches to follow.

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